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I've been assigned a dorm room at Lackland along with several department heads
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Epidemiology, Software Developers, Political Community, Security & Law Enforcement, Counter-Terrorism.
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I'm a software developer, as such I know quite a bit in the area from idle activities like MMO research to implementation of concepts. In addition I have rather extensive knowledge about the middle east, the politics, as well as politics in the United States. One of the main focuses of any developer is logistics, and I have taken that quite a bit further than I originally would have thought.
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I'm a research and development head, and I work out of Wilford Hall Medical Center
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Lackland AFB San Antonio, TX
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I found my friends and family, all dead, from the initial wave of ReDS as it passed through the United States.
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My life is near solely focused on defeating ReDS and other threats to mankind like it.
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