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My wife, and a shifting cast of people displaced as a result of the epidemic - either because they're finding it difficult to meet the medical pre-screening requirements some states have established, or for other economic reasons.
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A circle of writers and political friends - mostly at blogs, think-tanks, and political campaigns. I have a number of friends in the tech and business communities as well, and a lot of musician pals. I'm suspected of being sympathetic to an underground antiauthoritarian movement of infected and high-risk individuals called “Positive Influence” - and I am.
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Oh, the things I know! Financial and medical data analysis, policy planning, political communications, long-range planning/forecasting, general tech design principles - plus music performance and songwriting.
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As the result of a bureaucratic misunderstanding, I've been assigned to Zone M17 as Chief Administrator (a job for which I have no specific background or training). I am, in a way, the civilian""governor"" of the entire zone, despite
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In Oxford, Mississippi, which is the administrative center for Medical Zone M17, a High Incidence Area. I've agreed to go there as part of a government ""civil conscription"" program in return for a 10-year tax amnesty.
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I'd spent the last ten years as a writer (politics, long-range planning, features), consultant, and part-time musician. Much of my consulting work involved health care policy and analysis, going back to work I had done in the 1990s in internationa
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Helping people survive this epidemic while maintaining a free and just society. I like playing music, too.
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RJ Eskow
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