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Sherry, my wife of 32 years.
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After I became more involved in social futures, I had the privilege of meeting many social entrepreneurs, social architects, and social designers that work with a variety of initiatives such as food production, poverty, education, populations issues, immigration, talent wars, water initiatives, environmental protection and resilience, and global culture development.
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My expertise is in foresight methodologies, both for organizational and social entities. However, I have become increasingly proficent at targeting social development issues and emerging futures for human development, helping start-ups and long-standing social agencies to create innovations to solve long-term problems. This has brought great fulfillment to my life, as I have been able to be part of a global grass-roots movement that has guided humanity into a new away of thinking and acting for human advancement, something that governments were not able to accomplish through political initiatives - especially after societies world-wide lost confidence in their political leaders after the financial collapse at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st Century.
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I am a Foresight Strategist, working throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia.
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Savannah, Georgia is my primary residence and base of operations.
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Around 2000, I decided to pursue foresight initiatives for organizations through increasing my level of education and forming my own consultancy. As global problems increased rapidly due to worldwide recession at the beginning of 2009, I increasingly turned my attention to applying foresight thinking to a career in social entrepreneurship in order to create solutions for human emergence and new pathways for resilient futures.
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Creating aspirational and transformational futures for human development and emergence.
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Frank Spencer
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