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About 100 other people, including 10 kids. 2 of them are mine, along with 3 adult partners.
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I'm Unitarian-Universalist, know a lot of people through that. I take Landmark Education courses, have an extensive network of friends there. I know people in the communities movement all over the world - though I haven't physically met most of them.
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I know people - know how to make them feel at ease, know how to inspire. I'm pretty whiz at computers. I was studying for certification 10 years ago. Never did anything official, but I've kept my skills going. I teach our kids, lead some workshops in town. I've trained myself through Landmark Education - to keep challenging myself and others to look beyond our current beliefs.
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Make tofu, craft products. Have an online store, and do programming & web design for hire.
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Twin Oaks - a commune in central Virginia
Profile Experience
It was bits and pieces. The biggest was the air disasters in 2010 - kept us from going to Hawaii like we planned. I knew 10 years ago that I was going to live in community again. Just didn't think it would be Twin Oaks. Thought I'd be through with Virginia. But inertia and the gradual pricing out of travel left me here.
Profiles Ideals
Our community being an example of how we can live better - inspiring others to live more simply.
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