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The Miranda Traders AllianceBright Green OutreachWe used to be a refuge and teaching center, now we are a trading station.We breed donkeys and dairy goats. We also develop crude and cellulose producing microbes and strains of drought resistant crops that are useful to the tech.
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My primary clients are children trapped in the brothel system worldwide.To those purposes I have been developing educational materials and devices.Here in so hum I have a simpler role: bringing bright green to the people and keeping my people tech savvy.My alliances are with the bootstrappers and fabbers, the ones who share mesh, the biotech hackers and cyano fuel brewers. My current projects involve laser cutters and habitat design.
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Conceptual Art.3D artvirtual worldssustainability-urban/rural/suburbanself reliant habitatsand social networksOff the grid tech, medicinal plants and herbal treatments, dry farming, Animal wizardry, seed saving and diversity, rapid prototyping, Open Source Everything.
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Conceptual Artist.Educator.Bright Green evangelist.
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Miranda Trading Post.Humboldt NationPacific rim bioregioneel river watershedMateel River allianceCalifornia
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Every day there are hundreds of defining moments, many choices and we make them towards an end.The friend is as near as the cheek. You can always choose to live now.My community has been involved with the revival of traditional methods of living an artful high quality life and blending them with modern technologies since its earliest inceptions in the mists of time and the tumult of the 60'sThe possibility of large scale solutions has led us to collaborate with the Federal Foresight Agency.
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diversity.bright greenmore joy per person design.
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