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My wife and two lovely children
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I consider myself a practical artist. I love talking in concepts, but when it gets down to it, the ideas have to be plausible. Nerds are key. People with vivd imaginations but an understanding of the harsh reality that binds us to its systems.
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I know how to tell stories, given the correct medium. I'm not so good with unprepared material ala off the cuff. But if I have time to gather my thoughts I can make a pretty convincing argument.
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I'm a writer/director working under Joss Whedon at Mutant Enemy until I can make a name for myself. Hopefully soon.
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Los Angeles
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I took an oportunity to make a film with a friend from high school the year after I graduated from SFSU with my bachelors degree. The film was a hit on the festival circuit and catapulted me into a state of recognition. 2 years later I married the girl of my dreams and within five years, the truly defining moment came when she gave birth to our first child and 18 months later our second was on it's way.
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My families health and security.
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