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A mix of public sector workers and disgruntled retirees. *sigh*
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From my work life, I seem to be on first name terms with a bunch of experts in media & communications, technology, and the social sciences. Socially, my mates are mostly gamers and creative types. Go figure.
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Outside my chosen academic field (digital media & society), I have a ""shallow"" understanding of everything from architecture to computing, and astronomy to environmental science.
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I work for the University of London as a research associate, where I am attempting to balance my research with taking seminars for a course on digital media & society. I also do the odd bit of work as a freelance journalist.
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A housing cooperative in south-east London.
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Having finally(!) completed my PhD thesis in the spring of 2016, I was offered a research job in the private sector. But instead of taking the job, my supervisor talked me into staying at the university as part of a postdoctoral fellowship.
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Justice, freedom, transparency - the usual. :)
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