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Superstructure Description: 
""Live Well On The Move""
Superstructure Idea: 

There are many individuals out there that are not receiving proper medical care due to the dramatic decline in the number of stable hospitals.  Many hospitals have been turned into “quarantine”centers for infected individuals.  With more people migrating and less hospitals operating, it is still necessary to attempt to quarantine ReDs and keep uninfected individuals healthy.

Superstructure Needs: 

Doctors and nurses willing to help our non-profit organization that operates solely on donations and private funding through fund raising events.  These individuals will be required to operate out of a mobile “hospital” that runs completely on bio-diesel.  We will need drivers with a chauffeurs license who have experience with tour bus size vehicles and are comfortable with being around medical patients.

Superstructure Memembership: 

Create a survival kit for MedEx to distribute to patients and migrants.