Lessons for Survival Horses Have Taught Me

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Lessons for Survival Horses Have Taught Me
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I have been listening to horses for some time now. They are gentle beings. Natural philosophers. They tend to live with no more attachments than their current social group. Here are some lessons I have been priviledged to learn directly from them:

  • The More Effective Leader is the one who is the best Listener. Paying attention to nuance before it comes upon you can save you and those around you.
  • Who is Leader is less important than that there is a Leader. Being the leader can be exhausting work - if someone challenges you who demonstrates to your satisfaction that they can carry on the work, let them and enjoy the break.
  • Run when you feel you must - but then remember to stop and study what caused you to run in the first place. Chances are it is no longer a threat.
  • Let your emotions be visible all the time. Streamlines communication, avoids bigger fights.

And finally this one:Highest purpose contained within Truest Nature. Meaning, when you live in your skin as the being you are - letting go of affectations (ultimately the Ego), you suddenly find that the pathways for your engagement seem like obvious, natural beacons, and you are free to do your work and make your living as never before. This was conveyed to me on my birhtday this year by my Paint horse, Mu. (Pictured on blog link)

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