Nomadic Techno Employment Co-operative

Superstructure Name: 
Nomadic Techno Employment Co-operative
User Name: 
Steve Puma
Superstructure Description: 
Coniunctis Viribus, ""With Connected Strength""
Superstructure Idea: 

A business and employment co-operative. The idea is that a group of people support each other in achieving self-sufficiency. New members apply to a nomadic or local group or ""Chapter"", bringing unique skills not already present in the group. Once candidated, the associate member receives a part-time income from the group, which will support them until they are able to earn a full-time income. At that time, they become full members, and a portion of their income is pooled with other members to support the group and allow associate members to receive an income.

Superstructure Needs: 

All you need to join is a skill that can generate money for a nomadic group or can be useful in support of a nomadic group. You may be looking for work and support from a group, or you may be a senior person looking to offer financial, infrastructure and mentorship support to others.

People with no skills may be taken in, if there is a need in the group, and they can be trained.

We also need members of the meta-organization, to manage wikis that will help to place epoepl with groups.

Superstructure Memembership: 

You mission is to create an introduction showcasing a skill which could be useful to a chapter you would like to join.