The Rooftop Cultivation Association

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The Rooftop Cultivation Association
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Superstructure Description: 
Feeding ourselves, one apartment block at a time.
Superstructure Idea: 

The aim is to create a scheme whereby food-producing rooftop gardens will be installed on any apartment in a city that has space and structural support for one, combined with residents who are willing to contribute to the cost and maintain it.

Superstructure Needs: 

Social Marketing Specialists

Apartment Dwellers

Apartment Building Owners & Managers

City Councils - esp Building Services and Parks & Gardens Departments

Structural Engineers

Landscapers / Gardeners

Superstructure Memembership: 

Simply click join below, and feel free to get into the discussions. We're looking for more ideas on how to make this happen, and stories of people who are working to do so!