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hope for all
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BEACON is all about connecting the Generation Exile refugees and helping them find the resources that are out there. The 'front-line workers', those interfacing with the refugees, will be the disabled and elderly. The developmentally disabled are often able to connect with those affected by the Generation Exile Threat in ways that many of us aren't! Spreading hope is crucial if we are going to survive this, and many developmentall disabled people are able to slip past walls of suspicion and mis-trust that scores of refugees have erected. Our mission is to spread hope!

Superstructure Needs: 

We need disabled people! We need the elderly! And we need people who have experience working with the disabled and elderly: supportive roommates, day program support workers, anyone involved with Special Olympics or Paralympics.

We need people who are willing to invest hope in the exiles we are actively seeking out.

We need people who are responding to other threats and willing to network with BEACON in order to provide a united response to the Generation Exile Threat

Superstructure Memembership: 
  1. suggest 1 other superstruct that can partner with BEACON to aid the GenExile refugees