A Market in the Marshes

Superstructure Name: 
A Market in the Marshes
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Superstructure Description: 
Augmented Landscapes: The positive interface of earth-engineering
Superstructure Idea: 

This superstruc gets various members of global society such as architects, fishermen, tourists and strategy consultants together in a collaborative project that will: Pump abstract  capital into a given landscape section in order to increase this area's ecological balance, money and food production. A Market in the Marshes: The estuaries of Essex form a liquid edge to the county. This fragile boundary, which extends and retracts  with the ebb and flow of the tide, reinforces the connection between the sea and the land. The proposal responds to current thinking on the managed realignment’ of the coast, removing hard sea defences  such as sea walls and embankments that prevent the natural landward  movement of the salt marshes, and allowing the land to be flooded by  the incoming tide. Returning land to salt marsh encourages brackish  vegetation and establishes the flood plain as an environmental buffer.  A shallow plate is inserted into the intertidal zone, lying low on the  horizon. The plate beds into the mud flats, with its extremities in the  retreating tide and reaching up to the higher grass-land beyond. 

Superstructure Needs: 

We need engaged architects, engaged managers and ecologists to develop projects aiming to greater human-landscape interaction.

It should involve open investment, open politics and workforce, generating common areas for food and leisure production in a open-source-like  environment. It would get capital and community life closer, creating common goods for the prevention of ecological devastation and social development.