0+1 Infrastructure Reclamation

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0+1 Infrastructure Reclamation
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Reclaim, Reuse, Reverse
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We are a semi-nomadic group of from a variety of backgrounds.IT, Telecom., Disaster Relief, Construction, Excavation, and Engineering are just a few of the fields our members draw skills from.Our purpose is to reclaim telecommunication and power generation/distribution infrastructure from disaster areas etc. that has been damaged, forgotten, or left to entropy by its original owners.Using both old and new technologies and techniques, our organization collaborates with other superstructures and organizations to repurpose, repair, and redeploy this infrastructure where it is needed.  In this way we hope to keep our information and distribution networks liquid during times of global crisis. We view ourselves as an emergency response team.  Accomplishing the tasks of infrastructure deployment faster than governments or corporations can, we attempt to work through negotiations with local authorities to gain access where others can't. We believe that the static nature of communication networks that are node centric must change.  Networks must be reactive, flowing, like water, to where they are needed.  And, also like water, we believe our networks must be capable of quickly reforming. In addition, we attempt to bridge the information and technology gaps between the haves and have nots of 2019.  We have particular sympathy for victims of the GE superthreat.  View the blog here:http://zeroplusonesuperstructure.blogspot.com/

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Some of the skills we need:

IT, Telecom., Disaster Relief, Construction, Excavation, Engineering, Fabrication, Ironworkers, Technicians, Linemen, Tower Climbers, Security, Logistics, Negotiators, Ex-Military, Medical, Business, Interpreters, Electricians, Computer programmers, Pilots, Cooks. Our operation demands people of all skillsets, no one will be turned away.

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