Life Network Centers

Superstructure Name: 
Life Network Centers
User Name: 
Superstructure Description: 
alternate locations, permanent connections
Superstructure Idea: 

People are being driven to relocate - this superstruct will establish compounds and buildings around the world that will provide housing, resources and a secured network for storage of family/community records. As families and friends are separated by the pressures of food shortages, illness and other stressors - the Life Network Centers will enable them to have places to which they can migrate while still remaining connected. Multiple networks can be built. Membership requires a dedication to share resources and talents to keep the various locations staffed, fed, maintained and connected. Think of the protection that membership in a guild or other formal society bestowed upon those in the past. Think timeshares - only you don't ever have a home base for long.

Superstructure Needs: 

Property managers, resource managers, farmers, construction, computer networking, software programmers, pooled funds to purchase land and server space, coordinators and those with skills to network individuals, mediators