Superstructure Name: 
User Name: 
Superstructure Description: 
There is a bold, out of the way, stupid and pointless way to fix things, and a simple way. Which will work?
Superstructure Idea: 

This superstructure will give us what to do if we do end up coming to the final threat.  Follow all instructions on application.

Superstructure Needs: 

We someone with most of the badges, someone who can keep the debates, collaboration, and votes under control (like a judge), and someone who can keep tallies extremely fast.  It definitely will not be easy.  If you want to participate, follow application instructions.

Superstructure Memembership: 

Go to textedit, word or textwrangler.  Write a small paragraph.  This will be of a few ways to control debates, tally votes or similair jobs.  E-Mail to either bikerdude1997@gmail.com, or tedfous@san.rr.com.  I will reply with the results, and if yes, go to discussion X NOTHING"", and collaborate with other people participating.