Africa Community Gardens Project

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Africa Community Gardens Project
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Bringing together local and international expertise for food security in Africa
Superstructure Idea: 

Agricultural best practice has much to offer African communities in both rural and urban areas. This superstruct draws together the expertise of other initiatives such as Community Gardens with the collaboration of GEAS Volunteers Coordination Africa .Each region has different conditions in terms of water, soil and arability. It is often the case that traditional local crops like sorghum, millet and beans are well suited to the regional climate and soil. The project is informed by SEHI Glenn Carl McKnight's proposal of a 100 Mile Diet which suggests that one's diet should be obtained from an area within a 100 mile radius, thereby making it locally sustainable and reducing the comsumption of valuable energy resources in distribution transport.

Superstructure Needs: 

We need a range of people - everybody will be able to contribute to the project:

  • youth volunteers (subsidized travel)
  • adult volunteers with their own means of travel
  • skilled project managers
  • agricultural experts
  • strategists and other interested parties
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Membership is free. Please 'Rave!' first, since this is not possible after joining.