Slow News Networks

Superstructure Name: 
Slow News Networks
User Name: 
Nora Dean
Superstructure Description: 
Do it local, do it right.
Superstructure Idea: 

Second-by-second news is out there, coming from everyone, producing information overload, and making the whole of society vulnerable to griefer attacks.  In an attempt to counter this trend, the Slow News Networks have intentionally built a temporal barrier around themselves.  No story is run until it is at least two weeks old, and the whole of that time is spent checking facts and calling up sources directly. Members of the Slow News Networks know that they will never get the scoop.  But the participating news agencies are building up a storehouse of credibility, as they prove to be more resiliant in resisting griefer manipulation.

Superstructure Needs: 

Reporters, blogers, fact checkers, archivists, historians, academics, bookbinders, librarians, &c.

Superstructure Memembership: 

Find a news story that appears in a local newspaper, tv broadcast, or blog.  Use non-digital primary sources to investigate the truth of the story.  If there is truth to the story, re-write it to reflect your own research.  Footnote all sources.  Indicate in the footnote why it is a valid source, and what baises might make the source unreliable.