ad hoc connectivity

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ad hoc connectivity
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If no network can be trusted, then every network can be trusted.
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The surging currents of transients around the world need the same level of information as the privelidged minority -- possibly more. The best way to connect roving communities is through roving networks.

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programmers, manufacturers, sales groups, interested high end users

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 Early experiments were done with ad hoc wireless configurations in educational settings in remote locations in africa and asia.  The idea is tested and workable. It has never been taken seriously in production use because there have never been as many people in transit as there are now. Now, however, when entire nations are displaced, the structure deserves consideration.

The old internet system established a premise of adding on nodes as needed.  However that system required several central controlling points.  It's plain to see that simply won't work anymore.  Cell phones introduced the idea of mobile communications -- but the user was still tied to a series of points.

 What is called for here is a network of devices, each of which relate whatever information comes in, to other nodes along the network. This will require the devices to be completely organic, recognizing new and transient nodes, completely ad hoc.  All nodes, new and old, must be equally trusted: that is, not at all.  Each node must simply pass on the information it recieve.

 The actual hard part here is getting it built and sold to corporate and high end users.  The massive throngs will almost certainly cling to the idea with abandon. However if a widespread network is to be widely adopted, it must have high profile users.  Without that, such a system will go the way of CB radio.