Positive Influence

Superstructure Name: 
Positive Influence
User Name: 
RJ Eskow
Superstructure Description: 
Don't just ""help"" us. HEAR us.
Superstructure Idea: 

Communicate the five core messages of the ReDS-Positive community, aka “Positives.”  Those messages are:

  1. We’re fine right now, thanks for asking.
  2. We have human rights.
  3. Here’s what we need from you once we’re sick.
  4. We’re proud, not ashamed.
  5. Although we’re proud, we don’t want you to get what we have.  Here’s how to avoid it.

You do not have to be Positive to join.  You do have to be willing and able to withstand public hostility, as well possible surveillance by HS2 – the Homeland Security/Health Services Department – which some of the more militant Positives suggest has become pervasive.

Superstructure Needs: 

Positives” - Individuals who have tested ReDS-positive but are not yet symptomatic, as well as those who have are considered at high risk for contracting the disease and have been stigmatized as a result (e.g. minorities, immigrants, and residents of High Incidence Zones).  Some members of these groups have adopted the label “positive” to improve their public image.  They are demanding more autonomy over their own treatment options and better treatment from public and private institutions.

Investigative journalists who can find out what is really happening – in the world outside, within the Quarantine Zones, inside HS2 (the Homeland Security/Health Services Department), and wherever else important information is waiting to come to light.

Physicians who can explain what’s happening to those who are already ill, those who have tested positive or are otherwise susceptible, and the public at large.

Effective communicators –conceptual and visual artists, musicians, medical writers, propagandists, and others able to express complex ideas in clear, innovative, and compelling ways.

Superstructure Memembership: 

Present a sample of your work – blog post, poster, video, song, performance piece, sculpture, whatever … Then tell us in 50 words – no more, no less – why you want to become part of Positive Influence.