The Screaming 3D Bootstrappers (S3DBers)

Superstructure Name: 
The Screaming 3D Bootstrappers (S3DBers)
User Name: 
Superstructure Description: 
Immersively connecting remote problem solvers with people facing local problems.
Superstructure Idea: 

William Gibson is quoted as saying, “The future is here. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.” This effort is intended to find ways to more evenly distribute the future; specifically, to leverage three-dimensionally immersive product design, collaboration and project management software tools used by industry to instead connect remote experts based throughout the world with local leaders facing extreme challenges in distressed areas.

Superstructure Needs: 

We need people for the following functional teams:

- System Interface: Linguists, Social Anthropologists, Educators, Economists, Political Scientists, Theologians, Volunteer experts/Experienced testers

- System Application: Computer Scientists, Systems Analysts, Security Experts, Project Managers, Application Programmers, Technical Writers, HCI, UX, UI and 3D Designers

- System  Support: Financial Consultants, Legal Counsel, Open Source Experts, Scientists, Biologists, Sociologists, Engineers, Public Relations, Marketers, Advertisers, Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Filmmakers, Machinimists, Post-production people, and more.

Superstructure Memembership: 

Introduce yourself to the appropriate Functional Team Spokesperson (FTS) by identifying your areas of expertise/interest, your skills, your schedule, and any other pertinent information.