About Superstruct

Superstruct was a massively multiplayer forecasting game, created by the Institute for the Future, and played by more than 8000 citizen future-forecasters from September - November 2008. Although the game is no longer live, you can still learn about how the game was played and explore some of our archived game content.

About Game Play

During live game play in 2008, players were given four missions:

MISSION #1: Join the Superstruct community.

People first needed to register to play.

MISSION #2: Invent your future self.

Players were asked to think about who they will be in 2019, and then fill out a survival profile to create their future identity. The goal was for players to have fun, but keep it real and not invent a fictional character. We wanted to know who players really thought they might be in 2019…

MISSION #3: Discover the Superthreats.

Players first learned about the Superthreats by watching breaking news reports from the future to find out what the year 2019 might be like on planet Earth. You can still watch one, or watch them all… each scenario video takes just 3 minutes.

MISSION #4: Adopt a Superthreat.

After players watched the Superthreat videos, it was time to really immerse themselves in the game! Players could pick any of the five Superthreats, and start investigating the future by visiting one of the five Superthreat hubs:

  1. Quarantine
  2. Ravenous
  3. Power Struggle
  4. Outlaw Planet
  5. Generation Exile

At each hub, players found a full Superthreat report, plus tons of stories, superstructures, discussions, and videos. They also met the community leaders, and found out what other players were saying. When players knew all they could about one Superthreat, they were encouraged to adopt another. And another...

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More Archived Game Content

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